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I am a medical doctor educated at Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ Medical School in London. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology. I aim to be a human health and performance consultant.

I am Undergraduate Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Through this role I am coordinating the activities of the Undergraduate Lifestyle Medicine Society. Our aim is to promote ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ to the undergraduate communities in the UK by facilitating educational and career building opportunities. Find the BSLM website here and don’t forget to “Like” ULMS on Facebook!

I try to exercise often, to consider the food I eat, to be mindful of stress and to sleep well. These habits form the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, and although they are simple, can act to both prevent disease in the wider population while also forming a strong base of health on which to build athletic performance.DSC01911

I enjoy reading blogs, largely focusing on nutrition, exercise science and medicine. My current interests are in mitochondrial health, applications of ketones, and the benefits of resistance training. This is what I’ve been up to recently – my CV.

A concept I have adopted is the ‘growth‘ mindset. To learn, apply, critique and to grow. I want to hear your feedback and I want to improve. I look forward to building new relationships, taking opportunities and continually learning.

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