Can We Use Digital Technologies to Alleviate Loneliness in Hospitals?

The hospital I am working in is rapidly embracing digital tech to prepare for Covid-19. I wrote a blog, published online with the BMJ, to highlight that there are still some important areas, for example at the end of life, in which we need to improve communication. I am very excited to have had some of my writing featured!!

” Covid-19 has profoundly and rapidly changed the way that we communicate. The #FlattenTheCurve movement has condensed our previously separate spheres of work, socialising, and family life into our homes. This is only made possible by the availability and uptake of digital messaging or video-conferencing services such as Whatsapp or Zoom. I may be miles away from my family or only just down the road from my friends, but these distances do not matter much now that I cannot leave the house—the only distance that matters now is my proximity to my smartphone. “

Find my blog on the BMJ here.

NB. Article photo by by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash, with thanks.

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