The Barefoot Medicine Clinic

In late 2016, I had the pleasure of introducing an audience of doctors, medical students, physiotherapists and podiatrists to the The Barefoot Medicine Clinic. 
Two fantastic speakers were in session:
– Mr Ioan Tudur Jones is an orthopaedic surgeon who has specialised in foot and ankle pathology – an interest complimented by his own passion for running and barefoot focussed biomechanics. Check out this video of Ioan speaking about foot biomechanics.
– Mr Ben Le Vesconte is a running technique specialist working with clients of school age to the elderly, introducing first time runners to the sport or helping seasoned marathoners. Ben has also previously worked at the barefoot shoe company, Vivobarefoot.
The clinic was open to doctors, medical students, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and the odd ultrarunner. Two great talks were had, followed by a diverse discussion..
Find the rest of this blog posted on the British Journal of Sports Medicine HERE!

On a similar note, check out this podcast by Dr Tommy Wood and Dr Mark Cucuzzella – discussing many things, but especially Dr Cucuzzella’s transfomation marathon transformation. He shares a story experienced by many athletes – although he was fit and maintained high levels of activity, he was frequently injured, and his blood panels revealed poor metabolic health suggestive of pre-diabetes.
By altering his diet and exercise regimes he has experienced sustained benefit to his health and performance. I really enjoyed this podcast – and if you follow this blog I am sure that you will too!
Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.45.43
Find out about:
– Dr Cucuzzella’s development to become a fat-adapted athlete.
– His clinical work using diet and exercise to counter metabolic disease.
– Insights into his training – running marathons isn’t just about logging miles!
– Training intensity, strength and conditioning, training mindset..
– Still unsure whether lower-carb diets can equal high-carb for performance in endurance sport? Just take Dr Cucuzzella’s recent marathon splits as evidence suggesting that they can!

Image courtesy of T. Shanahan.


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