Building Better Bones with S&C!

This article is my follow-on piece from Forget Frailty.  

In the world of Strength and Conditioning, Muscle Is King. The benefits are undisputed; lifting weights builds strength, improves our coordination and improves our mobility, independence and quality of life as we grow older.

But, are we missing something? I feel a crucial area that we overlook in S&C are the benefits that resistance training has on our bones! 

After all, without the sturdy, springy support that our bones offer we would be unable to walk, lift, run or jump. Unfortunately, bone strength is something we take for granted; we’ll only miss it when it’s gone. Personally, I know I was miserable when I was immobilised with a fractured leg!

Check out this snippet;

Loading stresses our skeletal system and has what is called an osteogenic effect,meaning that it creates new bone. 

We can see this effect easily in the cross-sectional research, because powerlifters who regularly load their skeleton with very heavy loads, show much higher levels of BMD in both the lumbar spine and across the rest of the body compared to the rest of the population (Granhed et al. 1987; Tsuzuku et al. 1998; Walters et al. 2012).

Also, the amount of weight you lift (volume load) is directly related to your BMD. The more weightlifting you do, the higher your BMD will be. Granhed et al. (1987) showed that BMD in powerlifters was closely associated with the amount of weight lifted over the course of a year (R² = 82%).

Follow on over to to see all the benefits that resistance training can bring, and some extra hacks to make sure your bones get the most out of your workout.


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