Interested in Sports and Exercise Medicine? Three Things you must know!

In a rare moment of free time at the recent Isokinetic “Football Medicine Strategies” Conference, an audience of thirty prospective SEM clinicians gathered to attend an exclusive lunch break Q&A with Dr Peter Brukner and Professor Karim Khan.

“How do we get the job?”

“How do we stand out?”

“Where can we get experience?”

We all know SEM can be a challenging career; as a student it can seem impossible to gather practical experience. Furthermore, competition to apply for training programmes is daunting, whilst job security is ever-changing. Luckily, Brukner and Khan discussed some of the three key areas to ensure your success at staying in the game!

Find out these three valuable tips at the British Journal of Sports Medicine Blog by following this link!


: [Photo credit: Got Credit]

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