Forget Frailty – Making a case for Strength Training in Retirement.

I’m a big believer in exercising throughout life. However, our elderly years are a time where we may need it most, but we struggle to get enough regular physical activity.

Ageing brings changes to our muscles and bones, reducing our strength and resilience to knocks and bumps. With these changes comes the risk of hospital admissions and a loss of quality of life; how can we reduce these problems using the simple tool of strength training?

My latest blog at explains!

 One of my elderly neighbours recently had a fall. It happened faster than a blink of an eye, but was helped along by a long history of unrecognised strength and balance loss. Fortunately, aside from being bruised and shaken, there was no real physical damage done. On the other hand, who knows how much this will affect her going forward? After all, knocked confidence and anxiety after a fall can easily threaten a person’s sense of self and independence.


Check out the post here to find out about how we can maintain activity, mobility and independence into our later years – this could be the secret to healthy ageing!



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