A Health Fund 

A Hedge Health Fund
Investing money is something that everybody understands, the benefits being obvious, tangible and with huge potential for staggering returns.
Many people are not fortunate enough to jump straight into investment. Instead, the first steps of gathering capital require hard work to start the ball rolling. Even when the initial hard work is successful and funds start to accumulate, every year brings a little loss as the tax-man collects his dues and economic crises loom on the horizon.
Health works in much the same way. I’m sure you have heard that “Health is Wealth”. Entering this world causes a rapid rise of our stock, babbling babies born full of potential. As we progress through Life, we spend here, splash out there, until our bank balance inevitably strikes zero. How can we maximise our balances?
Look after Number One!
By carefully balancing our lifestyles, we unlock the best way to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases that are commonly afflicting Western society today. We can invest wisely into our fund of health, through healthy nutrition, mindfulness, conscious movement and restful sleep.

Little and Often 
Investment means a little and often – As a child, my mum would always emphasise how small actions contribute to a bigger picture, encouraging regular savings with porcelain piggy banks. Even just setting aside £1 a day is bound to accumulate into something much greater over time.
Employ the same “little and often” tactics when setting aside positive actions towards your health. It is tempting to fit an entire week’s worth of workouts into a day, but the aftermath of sore muscles could be enough to put you off the gym for the rest of the year!
Try splitting up your activity – In the morning, cycle or walk a portion of your commute. During the day, take hourly breaks from working or studying or run up the stairs at the office. In the evening, walk to the supermarket to pick up some fresh food.

The Benefits
By moving steadily and regularly throughout the day, the benefits of exercise are amplified- it refreshes your muscles, boosts your metabolism and helps to clear your mind.
Even if you had a monster workout and you feel like curling up in bed to rest and repair, it’s still important to use your non-workout time to get your body moving.
This extra movement increases blood flow to your tissues to promote recovery, and prevents your muscles and joints from losing mobility. The benefits of increased fat burning are for everyone – whether you have some extra pounds to lose, keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy level, or if you want to maximise your fat burning ability for endurance sport.

It’s important to look after ourselves, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent a future trip to the doctor’s. Exercise is just one way we can make positive changes – try adding it in to your daily routines, in little and often amounts.
If you want to find out how to implement more physical activity at work, check out my other blogs here and here!

Piggy bank image from here.


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