An Update – Wellness, Success and Podcasts

I want to make health my lifestyle and lifestyle my career. Unconventionally.


This is a tweet I sent to Tim Ferris (@TFerris) yesterday. I hope I get a reply, but I expect that his time is wrapped up being successful. Additionally, why would a single altruistic gesture towards an individual feature as an attractive prospect to him? This point being dampened and reinforced by the immense popularity of his podcasts, disseminating altruistic information in one of the most effective mediums invented. Talk about efficiency.


You need context. Why did I send the tweet?

It’s due to a combination of factors. I’m a medical student, I study medicine. Firstly, I’ve recently been caught up in an area of medicine that hasn’t stimulated me in the right way. This deficit has left me feeling tired, that energy has is being lost in undesired directions and that my time isn’t being well spent.

Next, I’ve always enjoyed early mornings. Now, I try and hack my time by playing podcasts when I’m preparing for the day. Between waking up, breakfast, commuting and sleeping I can fit in about 2 hours of podcasts listening, rousing dead time to live time. These podcasts have served the purpose of influencing me in new ways by bringing distant information closer. Furthermore, they have made stark the importance of remembering to enjoy things.

Entering MBBS4 is a step up from MBBS3, as if the numerical increase wasn’t a hint. The increased time spent working for the medical goal has reduced the size of my slice of leisure cake. Leisure doesn’t mean lazy. Leisure means personal development, hobbies, exercise and things that form a persons identity.

So with frustration I am able to say that I have been eating less cake recently.
The enjoyment brought by the podcast has provided a foil against the experience brought by this medical speciality. The world presented by the podcasts seems more shiny and more lush than the world I am working to enter. Rather, the lifestyle is better. This is the dilemma I face.

How does this fit into Wellness?

Health is a lifestyle. It can’t be gained from short term investments. I believe health is a combination of exercise, diet, sleep and cognitive and psychological wellness. If you find a polypill (Or assortment of pills) that can achieve this, you’ll be a rich man son.


Lifestyle is hard to attain in our 9-5+ working lives, with constant demands of increasing investment into careers enveloping the time we have to spend on personal development. We are caught in a dichotomy between living for the means to live, and living to live. Working to live becomes living to work.


Can a lifestyle become a career? That is >million$$$ question. The result of having cash flow generated by lifestyle and subsequently spent reinforcing lifestyle is an invention that rivals the prospective perpetual motion machine. 


Hold up! I compared this desired lifestyle to an impossible entity.
That’s why “Unconventionally” has phased into the equation.


I think that it is possible to live a 9-5 career with lifestyle the aim, but the battle of putting this into place may consume an individual. Unconventional methods may bring more success;


Ben Greenfield has structured his entire day around himself, perpetuating his entrepreneurial success, athletic interests and health.
Dr Joseph Lightfoot has defied all odds, taken risks and is emerging with more than just a medical degree.
Tim Ferris has done all sorts of unconventional things. His career path seems to have ricocheted from area to area, but unlike a rolling stone he’s gathered much green moss.
Can their success be translated into an everyman’s success? This is something I intend to explore. If you have any leads/ advice, let me know.


It’s all a bit dim and dark so far! This stream of thought is constantly developing process. What I worry about is this: Medicine is a lifestyle that can envelop an individual’s time. It is so vast that if one loses their leisure cake, they may lose their identity. If one loses their identity, what do they have?
This certainly isn’t a “backing out” of medicine. My questioning of fulfilment is going to set wheels in motion for a new personal project – to explore deeper the different career paths I am interested in.
Medicine can definitely be an enriching career and I have intentions to pursue Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery.
But a person who can consider their options will make better decisions.
I’ve finished this blog post now – I’m not placated, rather enthused and pushed by some pent up energy, a new itch to scratch.

My personal points:

Podcasts are your friend. Information is your friend.

Medicine is a vast expanse of information, but is still limited and is only medicine. There is more to life than medicine.
Working in a state run system is altruistic, but does it benefit the individual?

All experiences are able to be reflected upon and learned from.
Work hard and be successful, but don’t die.

Working for medicine is hard work and sometimes you feel lost. I may be feeling like I’ve lost my map. It can only help to talk about it. However, who knows what positives will be brought by a new speciality on my next clinical rotation.



I’d love to hear your views on this.




    • Yes!
      I devour Tim Ferriss’ podcast and blog. My other subscriptions are to Nourish Balance Thrive’s podcast, Chris Kresser’s “Revolution Health Radio”, and Rhonda Patrick’s FoundMyFitness. I subscribe to Bulletproof Radio, Robb Wolf’s station and Rich Roll, but listen to these less frequently. I also listen to “Evolution of Medicine” and “Integrative and Functional Medicine in Practice”. For training I listen to Barbell Shrugged, Endurance Planet and Primal Endurance.
      That’s about it!

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