Maximising the Golden Hours

I woke up at 0530 this morning.

I unbleared my eyes, rolled over, blindly grabbed my HR monitor and strapped into my HRV app.

I woke up at 0535 this morning.

I jumped up, hurried my clothes on and bashed through the door, skateboard in hand and backpack slung.

I stumbled into the kitchen, kettle roar, water hiss, coffee bloom.

Anant’s already there blending up a calorie concoction.

0620 on the rower, at the gym. Aerobic power session.

0740 back home, breakfast.

0800 computer screen dawns, Rory doesn’t yawn.

Rory’s already been up since light and has






This is a habit I’ve always meant to employ – you know, join the early birds club. I find the hardest part of changing my circadian rhythm is part where I make it stick – It’s manageable to prise myself out of bed at an ungodly hour a few times, but making the habit last the week? Pah!

So, I timed my early wake up efforts to coincide with nature. It’s easier to wake up when the Sun leads the way, light streaming through the curtains like heaven-sent helping hands.

The extra hours gained aren’t called “The Golden Hours” for nothing! The time is valued by the commodities of peace and tranquility found with no other souls awake, dew clinging to dark grass, roads silent but for my skateboard’s wheels lightly sliding over them.

There’s something to be said for achieving goals early to set the tone for the rest of the day. If hopping out of bed is the first goal, the rest of the day has rolled over for you.

I went to the gym, studied some notes, planned the rest of my day. Success.
What will you do to maximise those extra hours?

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