Catch Them When They Are Least Expecting It!

I’m too late to catch the ‘blog-about-stand-up-workstation’ boat.

However, knowledge is power. Exercise is medicine. Karim Kahn includes ‘Public Education, including mass media’ as number 5 on his ‘Investments that work for physical activity’, so I’m doing you a favour.

I won’t tell you about the benefits of standing desks or the damages of sitting, because this handy infographic nabbed from How-To-Geek is much more interesting. sshot4dc981fac5a5a So I stand at my desk.

It increases my metabolic rate, keeps my fat-burning enzymes ticking over, and my contracting leg muscles maintain blood flow back to my heart. It’s claimed that this extra blood flow contributes to productivity………………….

I’m going to find out more about this phenomenon as I’m attending the ‘Active Working Summit’ on behalf of the British Journal of Sports Medicine Blog, BJSM, whom I’ve written for before.

The event is focused on promoting activity in the workplace to organisations, by providing information on the negative aspects of sedentary lifestyles and the abundance of benefits drawn from standing and walking. The conference focuses on the workplace because it’s where we spend the majority of the day – on our bums, on seats, at desks, staring into the fluorescent desktop void.

I’m interested in this conference because it approaches physical activity from a different angle. I feel the promotion of physical activity is commonly focused towards exercise. We are encouraged to work hard in the gym, to play recreational sport, to pay our congestion charge with sweat on a cycle-to-work scheme. You can see this in Khan’s ‘Investment that work for Physical activity’ that I mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, physical activity can seem like ‘Work’ when labelled as exercise. Remember compulsory P.E. lessons? After a day of 9-5 in the office, it is ‘Work’ that people have had enough of. After spending a day hunched over a desk, burning your eyes on the screen, with an aching back and morale flying low; the battle between Doritos and Sky Movies Vs 5km jog is short lived. What a great idea then, to nip the problem in the bud and get people to ‘work’ without even knowing it, whilst doing the thing they would despise.

Check out the organisation ‘Get Britain Standing’ here

Find out more about standing at work at Mark’s Daily Apple, here.

If you’ve already got a standing desk, check out this backer-funded project here. Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 21.14.16


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